Thursday, 23 August 2012

Wacky Wednesday

Yes I know, it's Thursday.  That is why it is wacky.  Also because I was doing this last night, which technically was Wednesday.  :)

Have you ever used Paverpol before? In short it is a fabric hardener.  It can be used to make artwork for outdoors, indoors and may other things.  I am just learning how to use it myself.  I am currently trying to stiffen fabric petals to make a 3D flower that a FIMO teddy bear will be sleeping on.  Definitely Wacky Wednesday!

My friend at work is having her first baby (a little girl).  She is also a little closer than just a work friend as well as we often do craft days together.  Instead of the traditional maternity leave card (boring) I decided to do something special and different. 

I found a large frame going really cheap at Thingz (wish I got two now).  The matt board that was included is big enough for all of us at work to sign.  This was signed last week, and I somehow have to get it back home again with her knowing.  We catch the same train at night and this thing is big.

So, the matt board is signed, and where the picture would go is now being transformed into a paverpol floral delight.  At least I hope it is.  I have made a teddy bear out of FIMO and he will be laid on top of a flower as if he is sleeping on it.  I am very proud of my FIMO bear.  I shaped him first using tin foil and then covered him with a thin layer of FIMO.  That way he wasn't too thick for baking and his ears wouldn't burn off before the rest of him was sufficiently cooked.  I will take photos once I have finished the whole picture.

Speaking of pictures and FIMO.  I had a little bit of brown FIMO left over.  After having so much fun making fondant dogs, I decided to see if I could make a Fimo one out of the small amount I had left.  He is so cute and currently looking up at me from my desk.  He is 1cm wide and about 1.5cm high.  Think I might make a few more and see if they sell in my Etsy store as charms.

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ruthsplace said...

Very cool dog. He'd make a good knitting stitch marker. I can't believe you can make stuff that small.