Monday, 20 August 2012

What I've Made Monday

I have been very productive this last week making things for my friends new baby that is due soon as well as preparing for the RSPCA Cup Cake Day - today.

Perth main train station was shut down over the weekend due to renovations and track maintenance so it was going to be interesting getting to work with my cup cakes.  Thankfully my line was running well and there weren't the usual crowds.

I made red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.  I was going to make it from scratch but then I noticed that White Wings had bought it out in packet form.  OMG it is delish.  They turned out so moist and the icing is to die for. 

The fact that I was no longer making from scratch left me more time to play around with some fondant I had bought.  I decided I would make 3D dogs and put them on top of the cup cake.  I started the process on Friday night.  I made 6 on Friday, another 6 on Saturday (and a little experimentation) and then the rest on Sunday.  I had a blast. 

At first they did not sell because no-one wanted to eat the dogs (and because we charged $4).  Finally they seemed to disappear and we were left with about 6 of them which disappeared this afternoon.   Some have kept their little dogs and have them sitting on their computer (on a tissue I hope).  I believe some even have names now.  Lucky is one of them, I think it was because he was lucky he wasn't eaten.

Next year I have orders to make them in clay so people can buy them and not worry about sticky mess on the computer.

There were three main styles that I did: a standard looking pooch in a sitting position; a few laying down covering their eyes so that they couldn't see when you bit into them; and 2 boxers.  The ears of the boxers were hard, hence the reason why there are only two.  All together there were around 25-26 cup cakes an dogs.

Theses yummy  cup cakes were made by Mel and dog face ones by Corinne.  We also had a chocolate mudcake.  I don't know how much we raised yet.  I will find out tomorrow.

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ruthsplace said...

You are so clever. Love the dogs!