Monday, 6 April 2015

April 5 - Goodbye Iceland

The first thing I did this morning was have a shower.  I was washing my hair and noticed a water ripple reflection on the ceiling. I thought this seriously can not be happening again, and at a different hotel.  The shower wasn't in a bath this time so I couldn't open the door to check while the water was running.  Luckily I had pretty much finished.  Yes, you guessed it, another flood.  Not the same epic proportions as at the last hotel (that was global).  This was localised and only required the use of the towel once to clean up the mess and not 15 times.

Peter (one of the men on my tour) was still at the hotel when I went down to check out.  We were on the same bus to the airport and our flights left at the same time, so we stuck together.  Now Peter is an older guy (I am the same age as his daughter) and he is what I call a technophobe.  He has no phone, and only uses his computer for emails and downloading his photos.  It was rather ironic that he was the one that went straight to the auto check in system at the airport and I went looking for a counter.  I hate those things.  They always ask for so much information that by the time you find it all, the check in has timed out 3 times.  I soon found out that Keflavic Airport does not have such a thing as a standard check in counter, only ones for luggage, so I had to suss out the damn machine after all. I did ask for help and it was so easy.  All you had to do was scan you passport and your details came up.  Would be nice if that is all you had to do with the others.

Peter shouted me lunch which was an avocado sandwich and a banana mint smoothie.  The smoothie was fresh ingredients and it was delicious. I was hesitant at first to have the banana one as I am becoming intolerant to bananas like I am to garlic but it was the minty freshness that convinced me.  The sandwich was interesting.  It was toasted but the bread was like a really dense crusket.  It amazed me that it was so crunchy and yet stayed together when you bit into it.

Eventually Peter and I parted ways and now I am in my hotel room in Oslo.  Thankfully it didn't take as long to get my luggage and the hotel I am staying at is right outside the train station as it was dark when I arrived.  This is the fanciest Hotel yet however the room is still very tiny. It is a double and it would be seriously crowded in here if there were two people.

I had better get re-packing now.  You see most airlines let you take on 27-30kg below and 7 kg of hand luggage.  Icelandic Air has to be difficult and lets you take 23kg below and 10 kgs of hand luggage.  I am glad they didn't weigh the had luggage because I am sure it weighed 15kg.  At least I can now put most of that weight in my suitcase as it was only 23kg coming over and I really haven't added much weight to that.  

The next time I post here I will be back in Australia.  I am hoping that my trip here has my mojo going again and my energy levels reset.  A year of doing nothing but work, work and more work really sucks the life out of you.  I told my cousin that I go overseas as a means of escaping reality.  Unfortunately it does mean you have to come back to it.

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Joanne Huffman said...

I've enjoyed being along for your adventures. Hope the transition back to real life isn't too hard.