Thursday, 23 April 2015

News Flash

Perth locals traveling to work yesterday along William Street were horrified to witness carnage on the road.  At least 4 victims had been run over in what looked to be a frenzied hit and run. 

Three of the victims appear to have been run over numerous times resulting in fatal injuries.  The fourth victim (who has requested to remain anonymous) miraculously escaped with a few scratches and was able to return to work today. 

The below image was taken on a locals smart phone prior to emergency services attending the scene.  Please be warned that the image is graphic and may be disturbing to some.

It is unclear at this stage in the investigation if there is only one perpetrator or many.  Some locals recall hearing multiple vehicles in the early hours of the morning while others believe it to be the result of one. 

CCTV does show a Truck entering the vicinity prior to the alleged time of the incident.  The truck driver was drinking the new OAK milk drink 'Chilli Choc Chilli.'  Police are keen to speak with this driver or any one who saw him in the area.  It is believed that the blow torch went off around the time he drove passed the victims.

In further news, an aerobic step block was let loose on the inside lane of the freeway.  Main roads has requested that people do not stop to remove as it may cause you serious injury if hit by another car.  If however you are successful in surviving this idiotic adventure at peak hour, please insure you consult your Dr before embarking on any physical activity.  We wouldn't want you pull a hamstring.

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