Sunday, 19 April 2015

Photos Finally

It has taken many hours and many redo's but I have finally got my photos to a stage where I am happy enough to display them on here.  I will probably play around a little more with some of them before I print them off though.  All the editing has been done on my laptop and I think the screen colour is a little dodgy.  When I linked the laptop to the TV today to get a bigger view I realised that some of the colours were blown out a little too far and that some of the editing can clearly be seen on a larger screen.  Some of the photos could also do with a little less blue in them.

Kerin_Thorne's 2015 Oslo and Iceland album on Photobucket

This evening I took mum to see Walking with Dinosaurs. It was the first time we had been to the new Perth Arena. For some reason it didn't seem as big inside as what people made out. I suppose it is like when people really push how good a movie is, and you watch it expecting great things only to come away a little disappointed. Don't get me wrong. The Arena is pretty cool and so was the show.

The way they work the dinosaurs is great. Right at the end you think a bib T-Rex is going to come out and it's a little baby one. It ends up in a spot of trouble and in comes Mumma to the rescue. Once all is well Mumma realises there is a crowd of people. She came right to the edge on the side we were sitting, and stared out at us all before she let out a roar. It basically meant "don't mess with my kid, or you will answer to me." Of course like all children the baby T-Rex had to copy and out comes this little high pitched squawk. Bub looked so proud of itself and knew it was perfectly safe to roar like that at us because mum was there to protect it. It was the best part of the show and really it stole the show. Right at the very end when the Paleontologist is taking a bow, the baby comes out again and also takes a few bows before trying to roar at us again. If you have kids it is definitely worth taking them to see it.

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