Thursday, 16 April 2015

Shut Your Mouth

It has been a beautiful autumn day today.  One in which you don't want to be stuck in an office.  In fact I am positive my voice box decided to pack up and go walkabout in the lovely sunshine because I certainly had difficulty talking this morning.  It wasn't long before I became the brunt of teasing from my friends.

I tried to join in on a conversation with Viv and Carolyn and I would get told off for opening my mouth.  Carolyn took it upon herself to make sure I rested my throat and told me 3 x, one after the other to "shut your mouth!" Each time getting louder than the other.  It reminded me of a comedy where someone would try to say something and another person would cut them off with a sharp noise.  A fellow colleague walked passed with a look of "what the hell," and amusement on his face.  He was promptly told I was not allowed to speak.

The conversation that had been going on continued, and both Viv and Carolyn would tell me not to comment each time they said something.  Consequently I started writing things down because apparently whispering was also not an option.

At one stage I needed to get Viv's attention.  She sits across from me and our computers are in the way so she can't see me.  I searched my desk, desperately looking for something to through at her and found a throw away plastic knife.  Suffice to say that went down well and payback was had.  :)

On another note I should be able to upload more photos on the weekend.

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