Friday, 10 April 2015


Since I arrived home I have done nothing but edit photos.  (Yes the suit case finally got emptied today and put away.)  I think I am finally about half way through them, maybe more.  It is the photos that I took as JPEG files and not RAW ones that are taking the longest to manipulate into looking ok.  With JPEG there is less information to play with so it can be harder to manipulate.  The other issue was that the camera I used was old and the sensor not so big so a lot of snow pictures can turn out blue in JPEG.

I have managed to come up with three categories for my photos:
1. Wow I actually took that - These ones are mostly flukes.
2. Happy snaps - photos that show something of interest but not necessarily interesting
3. What the heck was I thinking - Trash can photos that I will blame on "oops I hit the button when I didn't mean to."

This afternoon I have my first remedial massage sessions since I got back from Iceland.  I know she is looking forward to torturing me.  She does every time.  She hits a sore spot on my legs and wonders why I nearly kick her in the face.  I need it though as these muscles are so tight and I want to get back into walking each day again.  I have even purchased one of those watches that tells your heart rate etc.  Wish I had had it in Iceland as it would have been great to see how far I had walked and how many calories I had burned off. 

I start work again next week.  Not looking forward to it.  After two weeks spent outside in nature I really don't want to be locked up in a stuffy office with all the stress it has to offer.  I wish I was a good enough photographer to make money out of my photos but that is a dream that I doubt will ever happen.

Anyway I hope to have my photos up soon.  If anyone knows of a good photo storage place on the web that I can link to my blog (slideshow kind of thing) please let me know.

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ruthsplace said...

I think your photos are good enough. I love my wedding photos you did. I've seen a number of blogs using picasa for slideshows