Sunday, 25 February 2007

Anthony Callea

Friday had been an average day at work until, late in the afternoon, an email message flashed up on my screen.
"Two free tickets to see Anthony Callea in Concert"
Before I even knew where the concert was I contacted my colleague and said I would take them. So that evening I went home with two tickets to one of my favourite singers in my hot little hand.

I contacted a friend of mine who is absolutely in love with him. When he was on Idol she kept saying he would make a great son in law. Her daughter laid down the rules: under no circumstances was she to see her mum on the news after jumping on the stage to kiss him, and her underwear was most definitely to stay on.

The day dawned nice and hot. Thunderstorms were predicted for the evening. The concert was at Scarborough Beach on a grassy area that had been fenced off. We arrived 30 minutes before it started and was told our tickets were for the general area which started about 100m from the stage. We found a small spot for the 2 of us to sit down right at the beginning.

Chris Murphy started the concert off. He was good but too many people were still walking around and it was too hot to get up and dance.

As the sun vanished over the ocean (it was a great sunset but the fences were in the way for photo's) Anthony came on stage. I noticed that anyone now was allowed up the very front so I left my friend where she was and went to check it out. I got within 5 people from the stage just as he chose to sing The Prayer. That is my favourite song.

When it finished I ran back to my friend and told her to come down to the mosh pit with me (not that it really was much of a mosh as I am sure a half the group were little Italian mothers). Anyway we stayed there for the rest of the concert. At one stage he through out a heap of beach balls. Only the two large ones remained air born for the duration of the concert. They soon disappeared though. I know that he had signed them to because they hit me on the head more than once. The best thing about the beach balls is it made people forget they had a prime position at the front and went running after them leaving spaces open for us oldies to get into. It was a great night and for my first concert (yes I am 34 and it is my first live concert) I thoroughly enjoyed it. He is a better singer in real life than he is on cd and apparently that is a rarity.

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Looks like fun! I've finished shopping for you, now I just have to put the finishing touches on and whack it into the post.

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