Friday, 23 February 2007

Motor Way Musings

I don't know how many of you drive to work but I have only just started doing it this year. I used to catch the bus into the city (I was on standard hours then) and I tend to zone out and catch up on some ZZZZ's on public transport. Driving into the city is a different matter. You really have to take notice of what is going on around you even when the traffic is at a standstill.

Every morning I end up behind the same car with the girls name on the number plate. I quite often see the same courier van that has a sticker on the back saying how reliable he is and then an even larger one beneath asking "which planet am I on?" Then you have your new lovers which on occasion I have had in front of me at that stage of the traffic which is drive 5m and stop for 2 minutes. These two just can't keep their hands off each other and are kissing every 5 seconds. Sometimes I feel like telling them to get a room. Am I jealous? Yeah probably. It is interesting watching people's reactions in the cars around them too.

I see these people everyday and yet I don't know them. It is a shame really when you think about it. Imagine what it would be like to have a street party??? The invitations would read:

TO: anyone who is stuck in traffic on X Rd in X suburb leading into the city between the times of 8:30 and 9am.

REASON: Get to know your fellow roadies.

I can see it now. Everyone would get to know the person in the car next to them and peak hour traffic wouldn't become such a drag anymore. You could lean out the window and ask the courier guy what planet he was on today? You could tell the personalised number plate girl that you really like what she did with her hair this morning. Wouldn't life be so much more interesting that way?

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ruth said...

Cool idea, remember Trisha from school? She met her husband in a traffic jam in Brisbane. Seriously...