Thursday, 8 February 2007

Colour Swap 2 Part 2

I am sooooo excited about this colour swap thing. As soon as I figure out how to attach the button to my web I will put it on here. Considering it is all about crafts it was suggested to me to finally put some of my handiwork on my blog so I went around the house finding things I had made.

I started at age 10 with cross stitch though I have none no photographs to show you. In high school I found a clown doll pattern and started a small business selling them. I think I sold around 500 of them. That was my pocket money (helped too when your mother worked in a maternity hospital). They came in three sizes. This one is a large.

Studying to be a Home Ec teacher and doing electives in art opened my eyes to so many possibilities. I did pottery, totally sucked on the wheel but my slab work was great (apparently). I also had to do carvings in aerated concrete. The following images are some fun I had at home rather than what I did at Uni. The Zebra I copied from the wooden one I got in Africa, and the camel I made for a Christmas drama. The Camel is also covered in plaster of paris. The poor things legs fell off and he was decapitated but he eventually got put back together.

I have also dabbled in quilting and applique, decorative wall hangings, hand painted bedspreads for my cousins kids and surrounded a mirror with my large shell collection. I have also tried my hand at decoupage with textured background painting. I started on wooden books and then moved onto trays. You will note that even my typewriter (which was nicked from work because they were throwing them in the bin) got a face lift.

My cousin went to South Africa and found some beaded lizards. I borrowed one to copy and manage to sell a few of these as well. People have been hanging them in their toilets, on an outside wall, in the kitchen etc. A friend of mine was given a lady bird key ring done in a similar way and I also copied it. She won't show me any new and unusual thing now as she wants it to be new and unusual for a few months before I copy it. I am waiting for another friend (in South Africa) to send me the chameleon so I can have a go at it.

After having a play with wire and beads I tried my hand a jewellery. I started simple with the tiger wire but then moved onto making my own links and swirly creations. I made over 200 necklaces and earrings that were sold at my old work for charity. I only kept a couple. They aren't necessarily my best but here they are none the less.

When I was at Uni I had to doodle in order to concentrate in those classes. This has since become known as my Doodle Art. Oh I have also included a water painting that I copied from a magazine years ago. It is in the toilet as well as the lizard.

Oh and of course there is my card making and scrap booking in there. That is my main fun now days. When I get time to do it of course.


ruth said...

Ok, so I'm slack. I'll get the chameleon to you soon, I promise. I just hate dealing with the post office.

I love the doodle art, but I've told you that.

Anonymous said...

The butterfly drawing is wonderful.

Your favourite colour swap pal.

Anonymous said...

Now that's what I call a blog, great MM. Hope you'll be posting some "how to...'s" on the crafty stuff so that I can do that too. With step-by-step pics of course :-) 3poggies