Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Iced Coffee - the continuing saga

I rise in the morning bleary eyed from work and study. To move is a drag but somehow I manage to dress, apply half decent makeup and prepare my hair in it's usual boring but dependalbe style. My small car pushes it's way through peak hour traffic as I listen to the incessant chatter on the radio (can't they just pay music).

Arriving at work I find 40 emails for my immediate attention. My stomach growls, it has had no breakfast and before I even know that I am doing it I am across the road at small takeaway restaurant buying none other than iced coffee.

Oh the shame of it. I did not even last one day of my challenge. If only there was a support group for those wishing to give up coffee.

Never fear I will struggle on. One day I will wake up and shout "Coffee be gone with you." And it will be gone, and I will be pleased.

And thus is the end of my story, for now. Short and sweet (shock horror).

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ruth said...

I gave up coffee last year. Here's my tips that helped me:
Have breakfast!
Drink water instead and have a snack of fruit or cheese when you feel the blood sugar dropping and you want that coffee hit.

Good luck, if I can give up coffee anyone can.