Friday, 9 February 2007

Precious Pup No. 4 PART A

I have no idea what is going on with this post but it is not allowing me to space out the paragraphs. Sorry it is so condensed.

I am so annoyed with myself. I went looking in my photo album for 3 of my favourite photographs of this pup and all I saw were empty spaces. I have been hunting hi and low looking for them for the last hour. It's like losing the first few photographs of your child because that is what this pup is to me. I obviously took them out and showed someone and forgot to put them back in. That is sooo me! At least I found one of them.

It was Dec 2000 and I had recently returned from a 6 week holiday overseas to 3 friends planning weddings and another 3 getting engaged. (This started the two year wedding, bang one after the other). Anyway as single as any person can get returning to reality and then having to listen to wedding talk became a bit of a downer really. Tess had been gone for around two years and Rambo was still as playful as a rock.

One balmy evening a whole group of us rocked up at a friends place. His poodle had recently had pups. They were so cute. There was only one female in the whole group and they called her Twitch because she twitched in her sleep. She had a brother named Diesel who was jet black.
There were other pups as well but these are the two I remember. Twitch because she had the most gorgeous personality and because they were going to keep her, and Diesel because he was the last to everything as the pups were faster and bossier. He didn't seem to play as much either. I really would have loved to have Twitch but they were not letting her go. My friend told me the price and there was no way I could afford one of the pups.

January came and the pups turned 8 weeks old. I had seen them a few times and had fun playing with them. They just have a knack at making you feel special. Anyway my friend saw me at church and said that all but one of the pups had gone. This pup had been a popular but they wanted it to go to a home they new for sure it would be looked after. It was Twitch. They couldn't afford to keep her as well the mum. Because my birthday was coming up and because they wanted visiting rights I could have her for half price. I was so excited.
The thing was that Mum and I still lived together. I had to convince her that we needed another dog. She had been so upset when Tinks died I think she was afraid to get close to another dog (current chihuahua being loved thoroughly of course). So my friend and I conspired against her and I was to look after Twitch for a trial weekend ... to see how Rambo would cope. Well 6 years on and she is still with us and her name got changed to Tess.
I remember driving home with her in the car. She liked to sit under the seat you were on so she got under my driver's seat, then decided to play with my feet. Consequently driving home was very slow as I didn't have a box to put her in and if she sat on my lap she wanted to play as well. Luckily home wasn't that far so I drove with one hand on the wheel and the other on Tess.
There is so much to tell about this dog. I hear my friends talking about their toddlers and I think ... my dog does that!! She is my four legged child and yes she is spoilt spoilt spoilt. From a young age I taught her how to give hugs. I will fling my arms out and say "give me a hug," she will jump on my lap, put her paws around my neck and I would hug her in close. Problem is that she thinks wet sloppy kisses are part of hugging!

As per my post on Rambo, he didn't know what hit him. The photo's I was looking for have her on his back walking sideways and one where he is finally getting his own back. He may be laying on his back on the ground with her front paws on his chest but he has one leg straight up and into the jugular. One point to the old boy. Below are some photo's of that same play time and you can see what I mean by a poor quiet lap dog suddenly thrust into the world of puppy play. This was the first weekend.

"Come on old man it's time to play!"

"If I stay still long enough I might make a getaway!"

"I'm all for baby sitting as long as they remain sitting."

"Can she go home now?"

"A weekend right, that's all it is!"

"What! Don't you want me to stay longer?"

"I'm so sweet and innocent, who wouldn't want me?"

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