Sunday, 28 March 2010

Bird House

I have had a couple of little bird houses in my studio for 18 months begging me to be decorated. Of course the storm hit when I had finally re-organised my work area and was ready to play. On the second night with no power I grabbed one of the houses, my camping torch, and some of my favourite Stampin' Up paper. I tore the paper and just glued it on anywhere. Finally on Friday I got to finish it.

I was very annoyed when I grabbed my Tim Holtz crackle paint. I have only had it for just under a year and barely had a chance to use it and it had almost dried up. In fact it was like hard putty. I checked through my other pots of the paint and 3 out 6 were the same. One of them was so dry it can't be used for anything at all. I will be mentioning this on Tim's blog. If the paints (some never even opened) don't last that long then there should be a used by date. They are just too expensive.

Anyway I really wanted to use a grey blue colour on the roof. It was the hard putty one. I cut open the container pushed my finger into it and then smeared it on like putty. Both of these actions were actually hard work. The effect is actually really good but I still had to throw out an almost full container of paint.

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Ruth's Place said...

This is stunning.

Bummer about the paints though!