Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Final Storm Update

Yesterday got to 31 degrees C (at least that is what was forecast anyway). It was so humid and muggy. Work was fine once the power came on at 10am because the aircon kicked in but at home ... 5 steps and you were drenched in sweat.
We still didn't have power and I was very lucky that the shower had some hot water. We took our half defrosted frozen foods over to a friend who had power and got subway for dinner. By 8pm I was once again in bed (too dark to do anything). It was still so hot and I was exhausted. I was finding it hard to breath and really wished the power would come on so I could use my CPAP machine.
By 9pm I had finally managed to get comfortable and was almost asleep when a bright light hit my eyelids and registered on the retinas. Yay we had power. First thing I did was switch on the fan, grabbed my cpap mask and turned it on, then turned off the light on my clock and rolled over to let sleep take me. It would have done so to had it not been for my excited mother running in shouting "we've got power!!!" Yep, wide awake I was. :)

There are still some power outages around Perth and there were 7 sets of traffic lights still out as well. Quite often we bag out the electricity company but they did a great job getting the power back on to many homes in such a short period of time. Yes 29 hours was shorter than what they were first predicting. The poor guys worked around the clock.
There is a park across from where I work and there is a poor guy out there now raking up all the leaves and let me tell you there are certainly a lot of leaves.
Taken after the 2nd wave of the storm. There is a gap in the clouds as the sun set.
The gap quickly disappearing
This was taken last night.

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