Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Storm Update

I just had a nice little update here and then accidentally clicked on one of the links in it and lost everything so I am going to put it in point form:

1. Apparently another storm is coming through late this afternoon (hopefully it will do the usual and go around).
2. The stupid tree man who has been up a condemned tree since before Xmas to stop it from being knocked down stayed up there throughout the whole thing. You can see it here.
3. I can not believe how much I underestimated the size of the hail and that my car has survived totally unscathed considering it was fully exposed to it. See some great pictures here.
4. Mud slides in Perth, who would have thought!! People evacuated. Go to Perth Now and find out more there is just too much to tell.

1 comment:

Ruth's Place said...

Glad that you and the car are OK. I got kind of worried after seeing the news reports.