Friday, 12 March 2010

Comfort Craft

I am on a diet so comfort food does not (at least should not) happen. With all the funeral plans happening I asked my cousin if I could borrow his 9 year old daughter Ashtyn for the day. It would help keep our minds of things. I gave her the choice of making cards, a picture for her room, or decorating a small bird house. She chose the picture. Well we did spritzing, stamping, embossing, water colour crayons, glitter and so on. She did a really good job. I only assisted a little bit so most of the positioning and everything are all hers.

This green one is my favourite. Some of the ideas she had I thought wouldn't work but didn't say anything and I must admit I was glad I didn't. The final outcome is wonderful. I am so proud of her.

Yet again blogger turns a photo the wrong way.
The proud artist
When I was showing her how to spritz over the butterfly stencil I created this one. I then painted the edges with a translucent white paint to soften it. Ashtyn did the rest.
By this stage we were yet to hear from her parents so she decided to start on another one.
It isn't quite finished but she is making this one for one of her great Aunts she hasn't met yet. I told her how she loves reds and butterflies. I will take a photo of the finished product later.


Ruth's Place said...

Comfort crafting is a great idea.

As your official cheerleader, I also have to say Yay for avoiding comfort food :)

Love seeing your studio in the background.

carmen said...

Love your "comfort craft".
Please post some pictures of your now very organized and tidy craft studio.

carmen said...

Very sweet and lovely. Please post some pictures of your tidy new studio.