Saturday, 27 March 2010

The Unveiling

Well not quite an unveiling especially for those who are my friends on facebook but these photos are better. Welcome to my clean, tidy, organised craft studio:

Oh Bo decided to get in the way of the camera. Check out that tongue! (Damn you blogger, can't you put the photo the right way round!)

Here it is...the studio. I bought some towel racks from Ikea that hang the punches and some other equipment perfectly and within arms reach.
I managed to find some really cool storage for ribbons and they hang nicely off my wheelable trolley and the towel racks as well
Stamps are all colour coded and sorted on my new shelves (yeah Ikea). Oh and don't forget the handy CD towers for those smaller things.
Some of my older storage managed to stay. The wheelie bins are for paints and glass crafts.

So there you have my clean studio. I am determined (cough cough) to TRY and keep it this way. LOL

I have also updated my other blog Stamping Artlore with a few new items from the soon to be released Stampin' Up Mini Catalogue - yummy is all I can say. :)


carmen said...

I just love your ribbon solutions.Quite a few ideas for me to steal.Very well done!
Bo is so cute. Looking at him makes me sad, longing for Alfie and Jack.

Davinia said...

Looks absolutely fabulous Kerin. Well done and lucky you having a studio...I'm so envious.

Chocolate Cat said...

Oh my goodness! This is impressive! Don't think I'd want to use it in case I made a mess!!