Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Back Again Catchup

Between Facebook, computer game addiction , a boring life, family crisis, and work there really has been nothing worth mentioning on a blog.  I have barely even created anything.  It is like my mojo has completely vanished. 

I did go to the Stampin Up Convention last year.  I had a great time with my friends, especially on a day trip with three of us overly cuddly ladies in the back seat.  We laughed so much we cried.  I fell in love with the new Blendabilities pens but apparently they are no longer available due to a fault and won't be made again.  Sob sob sob.

The main crafting I have done has been for people leaving work or those who have had an important birthday (40th and 50th).  The boss gets me to do up the work area for them.  One that I did was Gangster Style.  I found bullet hole stickers that we put everywhere, fake cigars, black and white streamers from the ceiling.  Another desk we did up as The Lord of the Rings.  We had the map of middle earth, the one ring hanging from the ceiling

Another desk we did up as The Lord of the Rings.  We had the map of middle earth, the one ring hanging from the ceiling.  Apparently the eye freaked him out a little so it was the first to go.

My mother turned 70 so I made her a special cake and got her a special surprise.  The surprise was my daughter Denytza (not my real daughter but she calls me mum, and my mum is Granny) came over for mums birthday weekend.  Mum had no idea so the look on her face when Denytza walked in the door was priceless. 

Mum is also mad about frogs so I made a special cake for her.  I have been having fun decorating cakes.  Just wish I could eat them without putting on 10 kgs with each mouthful.  Anyway she had a lovely day with family and friends and all the kids wanted to eat the frog.
More recently we have had to put down our special little Pomeranian Bo.  She was 1 month short of turning 14 years.  Unfortunately she got chronic Pancreatitis and kidney failure at the same time.  That was a very hard day.  My dogs are my babies.  She was Mum's dog really but we live together so we shared.  :) 
Today though we managed to save another dog from possibly going to the pound.  Her owner could no longer look after her so we now have Miss Lilly.  She is a 6 year 3/4 Chihuahua and 1/4 Bichon but the way her tail curls and how she wiggles her butt reminds me of a pug.  I will put photos up when I get some good ones.
In a few short days I will be flying out to Iceland.  This is one of the main reason I have started blogging again as it is easier for family and friends to keep up with what I am doing.  I have a couple of nights in Oslo before I head to Reykjavik.  Once there I really have two full days before I start a photography tour.  I am finally getting excited.  On those two days there I hope to do the following day tours: The Golden Circle & The Blue Lagoon. Got to find my swimmers for the last one.
Tomorrow is my last day at work.  Yippee.  Signing off now.  Have a great day/night.

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