Sunday, 29 March 2015

March 28 - On the Move

We have been on the go all day. Stop start stop start jumping out to get photos.  I have been up since 6:30am and it is now 11:30 pm.  I have just really got to my room in our new hotel.  We are by a beach somewhere.  We got here at 4pm and promptly when outside to do more photography.  By the time I came in I had enough time to download my photos and get my camera ready for the Northern Lights.  The weather has been great for us today so we were hoping for a decent show.  We saw a faint one.  I managed to get something that looks like a green smudge before I started to freeze to death and come inside.  It didn't help that I couldn't find one glove and was using my hat to keep my hand warm.  The wind coming off the ocean was biting.  I also was using the wrong camera so thankfully it really wasn't that big a deal tonight.  It was more of a practice run.

Today was awesome.  I got some great shots and I learnt that walking over snow covered lava fields is not a good thing.  Treacherous more like.  Even when the snow appears to be a fine layer, guaranteed you will end up hip deep as I found out.

Too tired for photos today.  Will see what I can do later.  Night all.

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ruthsplace said...

Loving following you on your adventures.