Sunday, 22 March 2015

Sculptures by the Sea

Every year Cottesloe Beach hosts Sculptures by the sea.  I have gone a couple of times now but this years has been the best so far.  Below are some photos that I took.  I have played around with some of  them a little.  I am self taught so I need get the practice in so that I told look like a total idiot when I get to Iceland.  I use Smart Photo Editor so some of the settings are pre-set but there is a lot that you can manipulate within those settings.
This big guy was right near the crosswalk.  I seriously wanted to take him home.  I have the perfect spot for him in my garden.

Not quite sure what these things were meant to be, but, and by that I mean butt, my mother thought their rears were rather cute.

This piece really got to me.  It was a burnt out tree trunk with faces that appear to have been formed in the burning.  I don't know why but it makes me think of ghosts of the original Australians. 

Just another view.  The second image is more true to the real colouring.  I just liked the way the first one looked when I clicked on this pre-set.

  This dude pops up every time I have gone to this event.  The last time I saw him, he was huge and standing.  This time he was half the size if not a little smaller and laying down.  He is always red, always has a gorgeous smile, and is always displaying his full naked glory.

It looks like there was no one at the beach when I took these but trust me there were thousands. Swimmers, sunbathers, bus loads of pensioners and bus loads of school kids.  The later weren't even there for the sculptures but for a geography class (seriously wrong day to plan an excursion).

Fit balls buried in the sand.  They had to be roped off apparently because kids kept jumping all over them.  I bet a few adults did as well.  I like the original but I like the second image as well.

Nearly missed this one.  It was a small Perspex box buried in the sand with all sorts of nautical looking things inside.  Sand had then been either scattered or blown over it.  I am glad I saw it because it comes up great in the photo.

This one cast a great shadow but the photo I have of the full structure has two large old men in their budgie smugglers (speedo's for those non Aussies) and it just doesn't look good.

The birds, everyone was getting photos of the birds.  They looked great against the white sand and I am shocked that I got a photo with no people.

 OMG the pink bunny.  I love him.
Well I can honestly say the clouds are real, the stars aren't.  They just gave the image more character.

This guy was in a circle with 8 friends all in different poses and all standing on a ball.

Most countries will have a rusty old car somewhere out in the bush/forest.  This is a rust old car with Grass Trees growing out of it.  I think it was called "Revenge or Re-birth."  I would have taken a picture of the full car but to be honest I think the organisers of the even could have put it in a better spot.  It was right by the main road and a carpark.  It really didn't matter which angle, there was always something distracting.  This was taken from the boot of the car looking forward.

I am very happy with this photo.  Not only is it three sculptures in one but I also managed to successfully remove two swimmers and a lady walking.

This one took me ages to manipulate so I am showing you the before and after shots because I am so proud of myself right now.  I would pat myself on the back but I am typing.  LOL.  Ok not funny.

Well I had better get to bed and get some sleep.  It is almost 2:30am here and I am flying out tonight on my trip.  Still have to pack.  Hope I don't forget anything.

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