Tuesday, 31 March 2015

March 30

Today has been gloriously cold and bloody freezing.  It got down to -4 and then you need to add the wind chill factor.  Brrrrr!  We went back down to an area that we were at yesterday on top of the sea cliffs.  We didn't really go to this particular area though due to the snow storms as it is windy enough without them and you do want to be able to see what is happening below.

As we pulled into the car park, Stuart (one of the guides and drivers) remembered the carpark bigger than what it actually was (it was covered in snow) and took us into a hole, you guessed it, on my side of the car.  Kerin finds the hole again.  I think I am bad luck for Stuart as it was his bed that got drenched when I had my shower yesterday and I think he was laying on it.

As I headed up to the cliffs edge the snow was very deep and I was watching my footing.  Paul (the other pro photo guide) told me I will be fine regarding  holes as the ground was padded underneath.  Two minutes later I found a hole and he was almost speechless and is starting to agree with me that I will locate the holes.

The cliffs were amazing as was the black sand and the sea stacks dotting the coastline.  There were so many birds as well on the cliff face starting to nest.

This photo was taken on the cliffs looking back.  The small structure at the bottom is a troll.

This photo is also in the same place.  It was made famous in the story 'Journey to the Center of the Earth'.  Don't ask me to spell the name.  

Back at the carpark the van was still stuck.  Paul had to use a tow rope and pull it out.  Here is the hole let behind

From here we drove on and found a lovely little church.  It was on private property so Paul asked at the house if we could go photograph it.  Only a kid was home and he said yes.  After we photographed it and were coming back to the cars, the parents turned up.  They weren't happy we were there.  "Too many tourists,"they said.  Oh well we had what we wanted anyway and it's not as if we didn't ask.

From there we went to a small town for lunch and then on wards to find some Icelandic Ponies.  They were too far away so Paul tried to coax one up to us.  One started to come but then decided not to.  It seems like Paul doesn't have any animal magnetism.

We went to a famous waterfall after that.  It is small in comparison to Gullfoss but by no means less beautiful.  I am really starting to get sick of walking in snow that comes up to my knees, even if someone has made a trail before.  Oh and yes I found a hole.  I didn't go down the other side as the snow was deep.  Paul stayed with me most of the way considering my knack of finding holes.  It was a beautiful area and as we headed back to the cars I asked Paul if we could take a shorter route rather than the round about long way we had come and also how the hell do you walk in snow.  I could have hugged him later as I have been trying to walk in snow like you walk in sand.  Now way, it is the opposite way around.  Dig your heal in not your toes.  I made it all the way back to the van in record time, no holes, no slipping and on a fresh trail.  It was wonderful.\\

We made dinner reservations and then headed out to where the bridge we had been two days before where the whales are often seen.  We saw nothing and the wind was so chilly by them it was getting into my bones.  By the time we got to the restaurant where we were having dinner I was totally frozen.  I had finally thawed out an hour later when we were leaving.

We headed back to our hotel on a road that had been closed for 3 days.  We could see why as the snow drifts on either side of the road ranged from 30 cm up to 3m deep.  It was amazing.

Back at the hotel I was given my room key and another.  They didn't want to risk the shower leaking again so I had to go two doors down to an empty room.

Now it is time for bed as we have an early start and I need to pack,  We head to our next hotel tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

I can almost feel the cold as you describe it! Glad you got out of the bogged snow, and that you are finally dodging holes!

Great photos! Thanks for sharing - this way I will have no need to visit Iceland, as I'm not really into cold after 12 years of living in Hobart!