Tuesday, 24 March 2015

March 24 Oslo

It was 2 degrees this morning and I loved it.  Breakfast was yum.  It was a full on banquet.  They have a muesli cluster called honey crunch which is divine. 

I had to go back to the Central Train Station area to get my Oslo card (24 hours free travel and admission to certain areas).  I just had to take a photo of this guy.  He is huge.  I would have taken one yesterday but someone was sitting on the curve of his tail, not for a photograph, just sitting.  :)

Oslo's transport is fairly easy if you have the tourist map.  It helps explain the different buses etc.  Don't rely on the bus drivers speaking English though.  I took bus #30 out to the Norsk Folk Museum.  I was there early, which was great because the bus loads arrived about 2 hours after me so I managed to get lots of photos with no people in the way.  Below is a photo of one of the buildings.  I love how the grass grows on the roof, very green.

I got really excited when I saw ice on the ground.  I just had to crack it with my foot.  I was thinking of jumping on it but remembered that ice is slippery and I don't want to break a leg at this early stage in my trip (if ever).

It is recommended that you go to the old church at the Folk Museum.  It is on a hill but hidden by trees.  As you come up the hill you are greeted with this formidable sight.

One kind lady took my photo for me.  She had been waiting there for over an hour for someone to come and open up the church so that you could go in.  Only certain buildings are able to be entered.  They open them at 11am.  I was there at 11:30.  I couldn't be bothered waiting.  There is an out enclosed walk way that allowed you to see most of it and the door was open to the main sanctuary but there was a locked gate, so you could see in but not go in.

I sat went to the cafe for a hot chocolate and nearly died of heat stroke in there.  It was so hot.  Food wise they didn't have much on offer, and what they did have, I couldn't read as it wasn't in English so I just got a drink and a nice danish.  The hot chocolate was luke warm but considering I was warm anyway it was ok.

Let me tell you about the birds in this place.  They are teasers.  They come up close to you and pose so nicely and then when you finally have your camera ready, zoom and they are off.  Little Devils.  I nearly had a gorgeous shot of a yellow brown one that was hanging upside down from one of the old wooden buildings, drinking water that ran off the bark.

From here I went just down the road to the Viking Museum.  I didn't realise how low in the water a Viking ship sat.  I would have hated to be in one in a storm.  I had to get a souvenir so I found a key-ring with a 3D Viking woman in what looks like battle armor. 

Tonight for dinner I am heading down the road to try some Norwegian food.  If nothing appeals I will be headed in the opposite direction to a steak house.  :)


Joanne Huffman said...

Sounds like an excellent day, with good walking and photographic opportunities. Hope you enjoy your dinner.

ruthsplace said...

Looks like you are having a wonderful time. Norway is on my wishlist!

Anonymous said...

Kerin, looks like you are having a really good time, which I am so happy about. Any cute viking men? Corinne