Monday, 30 March 2015

March 28 - Wind, Snow and Flood

This morning was white out conditions almost so we stayed in for the first half of the morning for some computer tutoring.  We are using Lightroom 5 which is really good.  It will be even better once I really know what I am doing.  I have not learnt how to import the photos form light room yet so the ones you will see will be from my phone.

About mid morning we set off for a beach area that also had an interesting church.  Most of us went down to the beach first.  No sooner had I made my way down there and a snow front came in.  It stayed for quite a while.  The wind was strong but we all continued to shoot photos.  If you think of 1 being nice and sunny and 10 being the worst part of the snowfall we had, then the following photo is a 5.

As I headed back up the hill to the church I found myself hip deep again in snow.  If there is a hole, I will find it.

As I got to the top of the hill the sun started to come out and the snow stopped.  Looking out to sea you could see two storm fronts, one going and one coming.  As you can see it made the perfect backdrop for the Church.

About 5 minutes after I took this photo the wind was once again up and the snow was once again falling but thankfully we were all in the cars and on our way for lunch.  Seriously though, walking in snow is not like walking on sand.  On sand your foot might get covered but in snow (and they don't say IN snow for the fun of it), I was dragging my legs through at knee to mid thigh height.  Certainly getting a work out.

Lunch was at a quirky little place.  It is hard to describe.  If you saw it in Perth there is no way you would go in and eat there as it looked run down and like it should be closed.  Inside was just as quirky, but the soup this woman made was absolutely delicious.  I had two servings of lamb soup.  She made it just like my mum does.  Super yummy.

After lunch we went to a lighthouse and another beach.  The waves here were coming in very strong and crashing up against the black pebbly beach.  I am getting wary of where I walk now as I tend to find all the lose rocks and snow covered holes.  It was snowing here again and I was starting to freeze a bit as my gloves were wet.  Once again, walking back to the car, I found a hole that no one else did.

We were going to go to another beach but the conditions on the road were almost white out with the snow falling, so we headed back to the hotel. There was a short break that lent itself to some amazing lighting so we pulled off to the side of the road to get some shots.  Thankfully it was not me who found a hidden hole and who ended up waist deep in it.  All the men did make sure they got photos before helping her out of it though.

Back at the hotel I had a long hot shower.  I had to step up into a small bath to have the shower.  When it came time to get out I looked at the bathroom floor and saw that there was at least a cm of water on the tiles.  The stupid thing is that the drain pipe was up hill to the water so I had to use a towel about 10 times to soak it up and wring it back into the bath.  Just as I had finished there was a knock on the door.  Apparently it was leaking into the room below.  I found out later that the room was where our 2 guides were staying and it was pouring into the bedroom area and onto the beds.  One of the guides happened to be lying on the bed most affected.  They now have a new room.  I wonder if that means I can have a shower again tomorrow?  Nothing overflowed so I don't know how the water got there.

Everyone is on Northern Light Alert at the moment.  It is midnight but very cloudy so I don't think I will be going out even if they do call.

This photo below was taken on my phone yesterday.  For now I am off to bed.


ruthsplace said...

Your phone photos are spectacular! Can't wait to see your 'real' ones. Love the shot of the church.

Joanne Huffman said...

You really are having some extreme snow experiences. I think they should fix the shower in your room or give you another room. The photos are lovely, I look forward to seeing the rest you took.