Thursday, 22 October 2015

Post Opp

It has now been 5 days since my operation. I must admit I was rather surprised that I did not feel worse.  I didn't feel nausea's at all and I was up and walking around that evening (albeit slowly).  It felt more like I had coughed constantly for 48 hours.  

The thing I dreaded the most was the shoulder pain that you can get from the anaesthetic.  I have had it before and it can last for days.  I mentioned it this time and I think they injected something to help ease it.  It did better than that as I didn't get it all.

On Sunday I had visits from friends and my mother.  This is the day my surgeon told me to tell people not to come because I would feel rotten.  He got the surprise of his life when he walked in and saw us all laughing.  He asked me how I was doing and I said I felt fine but I'm still fat.  That was when one of my friends said that a little nip and tuck would have helped me on my way. This was in the evening and I was still only on water and considering I was feeling so well he went out and brought me back a Frosty Fruit (icy pole).  It was the best gift I have ever had.

Of course my friends know me well.  I got some lovely flowers and a couple of minions to keep me company.

On Monday I started to get a small burning pain in my lower abdomen but all else was fine.  I went for my CT scan and was given the all clear to have clear fluids.  My first meal was dinner and it was a beef stock that tasted like watered down soy sauce.  Thankfully I had jelly as well. I had about half of each over an hour or so.  It wasn't long after this was delivered that the evacuation alarm went off.  It was a false alarm.  Apparently a fault in the PA system.  My nurse told me that it took a while to get the all clear because everyone was phoning in asking her if they needed to evacuate and the all clear phone call couldn't get through.  Little bit of excitement to add to an otherwise dull day.  

It was nice to go home on Tuesday.  I am now off clear fluids and onto anything I can easily suck up through a straw.  The small burning pain has increased to a band that goes to my side but I can keep it mostly at bay with pain killers.  The worst time for it is first thing in the morning when trying to get out of bed.

The hardest thing right now is trying to keep my fluid intake up.  My stomach has gone from 2L to 300 ml so I get full almost in one mouthful at the moment.  It is also hard to tell when to have something more nourishing because the area of my stomach that made me hungry has been cut out. I am sticking to the traditional meal times for now.

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