Friday, 16 October 2015

Tis The Night Before

Tomorrow morning it is. Bright and early, 6am admission, first in theatre for the day.  I am not nervous though I have given instructions to friends that if I die they are to turn up at my funeral dressed as the Grim Reaper or Ghosts.  It was suggested that only one person come as the Grim Reaper and stand there pointing at other people but I want everyone to get in the spirit.  My funeral will be a fancy dress event. 

Anyway this is not about death and funerals because I don't intend to die, suffer for a couple of days definitely, maybe wish I was dead for the first day but definitely have faith in my surgeon and anesthetist.  Both were there when I had the stomach band put in and again when it was removed.  If I knew then what I know now, I definitely would have had the stomach sleeve straight away.

Considering I will be staying in hospital for a couple of days (3 at most) I am taking a book to read.  I also seem to always end up on the children's ward, so I am taking colouring pencils and an colouring book.  Don't freak, it is an adult colouring book.  My mother thinks I am nuts for packing these items but I figure if I don't take them then I will want them.  Murphy's Law at its best.

Time to sign off.  I won't be taking my phone or laptop with me so I will be missing from social media for a few days.  Don't forget me.  :)


Joanne Huffman said...

Good luck to you!

ruthsplace said...

Hope everything went well. I got an adult colouring book for my birthday I love it, so totally understand you taking yours along with you.