Monday, 16 January 2012

Betty Boop is well cooked

Just a quick check in regarding the possible incineration of Betty Boop.  I made sure that the layers of Femo were reasonably thin so she would not have to spend too much time in the oven.  I worked out that 20 - 30 minutes is how long she would need to be in there.

At 15 mins I checked her and she was doing fine.  No scorch marks. 

At 20 minutes, she was still fine though I believe her tan was getting better.

At 25 minutes I decided to take her out because when I opened the oven, blue smoke wafted out.  Nothing is burnt though and the femo is not over done, so not sure what was causing the smoke.

In summary my experiment was a success.  If you try it yourself though, make sure that you don't make the femo so thick that it requires 30 minutes or more. 

My next job is to paint her face and then she is ready for posting.

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