Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year

There are many different ways people see in the new year.  When I was a teenager my group of friends and I used to get together for a party and then have a massive water fight. There would be water pistols, bottles of water, water balloons, buckets would eventually come out, and if it was at someones house, so would the hose.  Those were the days.  I miss those days.  Now I seem to sit at home and treat it like it is a normal every day night ... if there is such a thing as an every day night.  LOL

It is currently 1:40am January 1, 2012.  I saw in the new year sitting on the floor in my studio (no room on the table) painting my cousins wedding presant.  I was hoping to get it finished today (um yesterday) but I am missing a crucial element which will require a journey to the store when they open again. Yes I promise photos soon.

Earlier in the night I also did more sewing on my Blythe Doll outfits.  I need to see if they will fit a Barbie as well, that way I can have a larger customer base.  It is hard to tell just by looking at them.  Even though a Blythe dolls body is the same size as a Barbie, I don't think the Blythe are as top heavy in the chest area (definitley in the head area though).

Best wishes for the new year.  May 2012 be one to remember for good reasons and may the Mayans be wrong in their end of the world prophecy.  :)

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BealcA's Pad said...

I wish you a big HAPPY NEW YEAR, YOUNG LADY. Also thank you so much again for the calender and the stamping cutouts. God bless you. Love you, young lady.