Thursday, 12 January 2012

Blog post mourning

Two days ago I sat down here, and wrote an extraordinary blog post.  It was full of humour, wit and drama.  It was probably the best I have ever written, but alas, I accidentally clicked the back arrow and consequently lost the lot.  My dispair has seen me in mourning for the loss of a truly brilliant piece of literary creativity.  As such I chose a suitable amount of time to mourn before I came back online.  Two days is sufficient I think.

So, what was the deceased post about?

Wednesday last week the household gained an extra 3 people.  My friend Ruth, her husband Jeff and their daughter (my niece) Araminta, were staying with me a few days.  They are currently making a big move from one country to another, while stopping over in Australia to catch up with friends and family. 

Bearing in mind that I have two dogs, one of which is not used to kids and the other has not been around them for 3 years, plus I am babysitting my Aunts dog, means the house was full.  Araminta loved the dogs, but the dogs (all of them 12 yrs plus) were not too keen on a 4 year old girl running after them.  This meant I was the safe haven and had 3 dogs around me constantly, unless of course, Araminta had food.

Eventually Araminta realised that Bo was the most patient one:

 Of course I could not have my niece here and not get her doing something creative.  Over two afternoons we made a mixed media hard canvas that she could take with her.  We used everything from spray mists, to Gesso, micr powder, lace, stencils and so on.  She did most of the work herself.  I just showed her what to do.  Her colour scheme was a little 'out there' so I softened it a little.  I think it turned out great.

 In my rather long break from blogging, I participated in another doll swap.  The theme for this one was "the Animal Within."  I went hopped on the internet and did some of those quirky "what is your spirit guide" quizes.   Pretty much it was 50/50 between a wolf and a deer.  Just goes to prove yet again that I have a split personality.  :)  

I figured the wolf would be the easiest to work with.  I had already decided that I was going to alter a barbie.  To do her hair, I melted her actual hair with the heat gun.  It went into a top knot sort of thing which provided the height for the wool that I threaded through.  Yes I beheaded her and shoved a needle through many times.

I did take some photos of the Blythe dolls clothes that I have been making, but seem to have been in the deleting frame of mind and have accidentally deleted them. I will take them again after I have made some more.

Well the house is quiet now and I am back to work.  I have nicknamed my Aunt's dog 'Puddle,' because he is one big dog puddle always at your feet.  If he were human, he would be a stalker!

The weekend can't get here quick enough.

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Chocolate Cat said...

I hate it when a post goes missing!!! Looks like you had a lovely time with Ruth and her family.