Thursday, 19 January 2012


It has been a long time since I went swimming, and by that I mean laps.  This week I finally convinced my Aunt that it was way too hot to stay inside and exercise on a treadmill and a bike, so yesterday we ventured to the pool. 

The pool is not far from where I live, but it has been years since I was there.  Not much had changed, other than the increase in the cost and the fact that the lockers came with codes rather than keys.  You know, the sort that eats your money and gives nothing in return.

The walkers lane had a hydrolic lift that assisted you in and out of the pool.  We tried that when we got out.  It was cool fun but I felt like I should have been an old granny.  :)

After years of neglect, the swimming muscles complained bitterly so I did have to do some walking.  Ok mainlly walking.  I did manage to get in about 6 laps of swimming, for which I am proud. 

Right now though, as I type this, the backs of my arms and my shoulder muscles are aching.  I am aching in areas that I forgot existed and, unfortunately, can not reach on my own to put on a sport heat cream.  I feel like I have been given a muscle relaxant that makes your arms heavy and then ache when you try to use them. 

The swim seemed to knock me for 6 as well.  I got home and went to bed early, slept all night through (unusual for me) and woke just as exhausted.

Not going to give up though.  Need to keep up the swimming.  It is good for my non used back muscles.

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Chocolate Cat said...

I did my first session of Zumba tonight (in the lounge at home), boy oh boy I am unfit and uncoordinated!!! so I know how you feel!