Thursday, 12 January 2012

A PS to the previous post

Two very quite items to update my previous post.

Araminta slept on an air bed in my computer room.  The bed is directly behind my chair and the dogs were disgusted that they weren't allowed on it while she was here.  Look at them now.

 Tess isn't on it but she is keeping watch at the door like she always does.

Looks like I didn't delete the photos after all.  Here are two styles of Blythe outfits that I am currently making to sell on my etsy store.  Yes I am finally getting myself organised to sell things.  Will let you all know as soon as I get something on there.  Oh and yes this is the debut of my three lovely Blythes.  Still thinking of names for them so any suggestions would be great.

Did pretty good for reading a Chinese Pattern don't you think!?  :)

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Chocolate Cat said...

You did very well reading a chinese pattern.! I think they need exotic names!