Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Astralia Zoo

On the weekend Mum and I went to Australia Zoo. Yes we saw Terri Irwin as she drove by. She waved. That was my star spotting for the day.

I have added a slide show of photos from the zoo at the end of this blog. If you put your mouse over the picture you will see a comment I have made.

In the meantime I thought I should do the elephants bath on its own as it is a story to be told.

Part of the elephant show was to bath and elephant. What I found ironic is the elephant in the background. One takes a bath while the other gets dirty on a dirt pile.

I missed the spraying of the dirt all over her back but she was very content and happy to roll around in it.

This is Sabu getting her bath while the other one is still enjoying the dirt. If you click on the picture you will see dirt flying.

Dirt, bath, dirt, bath which is best

This side is done now to get up for the other side.

Getting up can be a real struggle

"I loves the water!"


Dee said...

Photos are great Kerin. No pictures of Terri?

Sulea said...

Wow so many animals..it must be great to still be on holidays!!! :o)

Nicole said...

You take amazing photos.