Tuesday, 27 January 2009

What a week

First of all today I turned the big 36 and to celebrate I went grocery shopping. I also bought a new bra and my Aunt seemed to think that was really exciting ... yay! She needs to get out more.

I had my first week back at work last week which was boring because they haven't put me on the phones yet. Got some great gaming time in on facebook though (if you are reading this at work - shhh). Finally convinced them to let me on the phones today.

I have just finished my dare for January which is based on the theme hot. I did not scrapbook at all but I painted instead. Keep an eye out for it on the Aussies Dares sight early next month.

Yesterday was Australia Day. A lot of people get agro about it because it celebrates the day that the first fleet arrived in Sydney and therefore marks the invasion of aboriginal grounds. Seriously I am tired of those people who live in the past. This is now. The government and the Australian people have apologised. Move on and get on with life. There is not one country in the world that has not been invaded and taken over by another at some stage. Look at the Jews and what they have been through. There are many cultures living here in Australia now. Many of them have come here to escape atrocities in their own home. To them Australia Day is about being thankful for a country they can walk down the street in without getting shot at or have their house blown up. I personally look at the day as one of everyone uniting to celebrate a wonderful country despite our differences. Those who live in the past will also be bitter and not learn to forgive. I am not responsible for what my ancestors did, but I am responsible for now and it is about time we all take responsibility for moving forward. So get over it, learn from the past, be thankful for the future and work together to make it a better country.

Ok lecture over though I could have said a lot more. Anyway yesterday was also Chinese New Year and mum and I were invited to a Chinese New Year/Australia Day Party. It was fun. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and had a little giggle when I saw the Philippino kids running around with the Aussie Flag tattooed to their arms upside down ... does that make the Southern Cross the Northern Cross then?

Not sure how many blog posts I will get done in the next few weeks as I have a wedding album to create and exercise to do every night.


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Happy Birthday!

Chocolate Cat said...

Sounds like you had a fun Australia Day! I agree and couldn't of said it better myself, I cannot be responsible for what my ancestors did - only ensure it doesn't happen again. Please try and post during the next few weeks if only to let us know you are surviving the exercise!!