Thursday, 15 January 2009

Tessa the Traitor

While mum and I have been away Jackie's brother in law house sat and dog sat for us. Yes it was a man, and yes my dogs don't like men. We were uncertain as to how Tess especially would go considering she can take a week to stop growling at them when they stay here.

I phoned Jackie 2 days into my holiday to check up on things. Apparently Tess realised that James was the food provider rather quickly and was no longer growling. When I got home this week I got the full story. My dog is a traitor! She slept on James' bed with him, she snuggled up to him at night. How could she replace me so quickly!

When I got home though she was really excited. Her tongue went into hyper drive for the first two days licking me whenever she got the chance. I would love to get James back here to see if she will growl at him again. Such a turn coat she is, but she's mine.

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