Tuesday, 6 January 2009

QLD First Week

I have been in QLD for a week now. I tried to download photo's but the rip off hotel connection is not allowing it so you will all have to wait until I get back home to see the photos.

The wedding is tomorrow and let me tell you, my little cousin certainly has found herself a nice catch. He can cook, has a great sense of humour, loves to cook, gets on well with the whole family, can cook, puts up with our sarcasm and teasing, loves to cook, has a real caring quality to him and did I mention he loves to cook. He has made the most wonderful meals since we have been here.

Considering that most of mum's family is in and around Brisbane area we had a family Reunion last Saturday. It was the first time I met some of my cousin's children and the eldest is 14! I also met up with some that stayed with us for Christmas 4 years ago and boy have they grown up. Mind you Liam was still as annoying but that is just because he loves me and doesn't see me often enough. That is my story and I am sticking to it.

Ok now to wedding issues:
  1. The bride had a cold on the weekend and then had gastro yesterday but appears to be doing fine now.
  2. The groom is exhausted and not sleeping well which is why I think we are getting lovely meals because that is his downtime.
  3. Me (the photographer) got a bad head cold yesterday which touch wood is now much better.
  4. Brother of the bride also had bad gastro yesterday.
  5. The maid of honour and sister to the bride woke up this morning with a cold after having nightmares that all the decorations came falling down in the middle of the ceremony.
  6. Mother of the bride also woke up with a cold.
  7. Maid of honour dumped her wedding jewelry out of the bag and lost an earring (which was found when mum stepped on it this morning).

In all everything is going well.

On a side note the funny story of the week is what my male cousin and his wife did. The apartments have two phones. One is the buzzer to let someone in the security gate. It sounds like a smoke alarm. Tina buzzed to get in one morning after going for a walk and tried them first because they were on the ground floor. They thought they had set off a fire alarm because they had toast in the toaster. They unplugged it and shoved it in the cupboard hoping they wouldn't have to pay a fine for the firemen coming out.

OK more wedding stuff to organise. I won't have access to a computer until I get home now so there will be no update until then.


Edleen said...

hehe...cute story! :)

hope you're having a good time in Queensland and have a fun week!

Ruth's Place said...

Have a great time! I want Queensland pictures :)

BealcA's Pad said...

Oh, Kerin I am still laughing. Thank you for posting this, wow you guys must have had some time to all end up with colds etc.

Pkg. arrived in perfect order, I love them. Took the scrapbook with me to church and showed it to Miki and she thought that it was so neat. We had emailed each other earlier and I was telling her about it all. She wants to look at your site again.
She is a teacher and she always promises to do things but is always so busy that she doesn't always get those extras done.
You would really like her, she is such a wonderful music teacher and music cordinator.
Have a wonderful trip back to Perth.
Love yah

Suzanne said...

Great photography Kerin.
Qld was very humid wasn't it - but we missed the heatwave in Perth.
My first day back today and I'm at work catching up on emails/