Thursday, 22 January 2009

Home Alone for 2 weeks

My mother stayed in Qld for an extra two weeks and will not be home until this weekend. I have been back at work for a week and it has certainly opened my eyes to all the little things my mother does for me:

By the time I get home I have 4 hours before I go to bed (remember I need as much sleep as possible due to sleep apnoea). You would think that 4 hours would be sufficient to get things done. Nope!

  1. I am not a gardener so the garden is lucky that the retic is working otherwise the lawn would be dead! The plants are going ok (just). I water them every two nights and when they look like they need it (not that I would know - I dehydrate cactus').
  2. Give Rambo a tablet and then get the dogs dinners (thank God I don't cook them).
  3. Get my own dinner, normally spend a good 15 minutes staring into the cupboard or fridge wondering what I feel like and what can be made in small portions. The same thing every night gets boring.
  4. Catch up on emails why my dinner settles before organising myself for some exercise.
  5. Have a shower.
  6. Let the dogs out for a wee time :) and then organise myself for work the next day. Depending on how much there is I may even do the dishes.
  7. Let the dogs in and give Rambo 2 more tablets - it was easier when it was just one a day but now he has 4 a day and he is starting to get really snarly. I have taken to wrapping it in peanut butter. That worked for the first 3 days now I have to shove it down his throat as well!
  8. Somewhere in there I have been shopping twice for supplies and started a bad head cold.





Dee said...

I was just the opposite. Had a week where I left all that behind and it was bliss. No cooking (ate takeaway) no washing clothes,no cleaning and I had hours of me time. I'm telling you, it's the life.

Ruth's Place said...

Even with Jeff cooking each night I work I still miss my downtime and my craft time.

I guess since I work fulltime I shouldn't expect too much of it...

BealcA's Pad said...

I guess that since I am ole I just enjoy the extra to do. I wish though that I could have a paying job, one that brought in those $$$ instead of just bills and no bucks, I am thankful to just be able to still do my own work.

I do have someone 1 day a week, since the broken shoulder, but she is new to the work and is a willing learner of the job.
She is slim that one becomes envious :) of the need to fatten her up, and de-fatten me down. She said that she will be my cheering section as I lose weight.

It is a week until payday, so am not buying a thing as the bank would frown on an overdraft (they charge more in fines than the check would be).

I just praise the Lord that I am still alive and according to the doctor's report, still able to kick up my heels a wee:) bit.

Have a great one and God bless. Love yah and Mum.

doniamarie said...

Yeah, thank goodness I don't have kids. I'd have no time whatsoever! I'm lucky if I get an hour of something fun in every evening!