Friday, 16 January 2009


I have finally come into the technical age and bought a Wii. It was a good decision because I have once again started a diet (yeah I know) and I have been playing tennis. It is just what I need for my back and arms. When I have the money and when it is in stock I will get the Wii Fit. Believe it or not it was my mother who convinced me to get it. She who tells me off for spending too much time on the computer. She wants the Wii fit to help with her balance.

As for the diet I am more determined than ever to do this. I hate being this size, I have Carmen as my diet buddy, my cousin Maree who promised to keep in touch if I lose weight (actually she is terrible at keeping in touch but I told her that she had to in order for me to lose the weight because it was both our new years resolution) and an Aunt promised me $100 when I have lost 10kg. I told her to wait until I had lost 30 because that is just over the half way mark.

I have been exercising all this week and have been enjoying it (even in this heat wave). I can already feel a little more flexible in some things and the old rump doesn't hurt so much on the bike anymore.

The only downfall to losing the weight is that I might suddenly find I have wrinkles to go with my greying hair!!!


Sulea said...

Oh man.. you are not alone wih the diet thing.. good to have a diet buddy!!!

Drive thru said...

I am too started my diet few days ago.
I start by eating small quantities for a week so my body gets used to less food. Then I jump into the diet I think it is right for me.

doniamarie said...

Good luck! I'm trying to get out and walk more. I sure wish I had a buddy to walk with!

vivian said...

you can do it Kerin!! good luck!

Ruth's Place said...

Wish I had a Wii!!

The boxing program on that is meant to be the best for burning calories.