Sunday, 6 January 2008


Another year has come and gone. I can't believe I started this blog a year ago. So much has happened: got my dream job, mum retired, dad came for a visit, went to Adelaide for a conference, and so on and so on.

Christmas was here this year. It is normally at my Aunt and Uncles but they have moved out to the country and the rest of us told them they had to come to us this year. We had Christmas on Boxing day because my cousin and his family were doing the inlaw thing on Christmas day.

Both days were stinking hot. On Christmas it was around 40 C and on boxing day it was 44.7 (112F). Oh yes you guessed it, we hat cooked turkey and vegetables. Thank God we made a salad. Dessert was a choice between hot christmas pudding, icecream and pavlova. The pudding stayed in the fridge and never made it to the oven.

I normally make up the centre pieces for the table. Previously I have put christmas balls in a bowl or made a balloon topiary. This year I decorated some chipboard christmas trees. They look simple but it took me forever. In fact that part that looks like it took forever was actually the quickest part (the string with the punched out decorations).

Just before Christmas I walked into a pet store to buy the dogs their christmas treat. I couldn't resist the following. It really suits her personality ... spoilt brat, princess, tomboy!


Ruth said...

Love the centre pieces!

I won't tell you that it's wet and cool here, some summer I'm having. Yesterday was HOT and I told J I was going 'for a swim tomorrow' then the weather turned...

Robynne said...

How long does she keep the hat on for Kerin?