Monday, 28 January 2008

The last few days have been really hot. There is no point hopping in the pool until the sun starts to go down because I would get very sun burnt. What is even worse is that I can't get into the Studio to do some scrap booking. It is a tin shed with no insulation. When the temp reaches the mid 30's outside it is around 40 inside. So here I am having a long weekend - the ultimate time to spend on doing my crafts, and I can't get inside the studio for fear of dehydrating in seconds.

A year or so back a friend of mine who lived up the northern end of WA sent me this picture. It pretty much sums up how this summer is going. Oh to see snow again.
I want to thank all of you who have wished me a happy birthday. I am endeavoring to contact you all personally but thought I would also do it publicly in case I miss someone. On a sad note my dad seems to have forgotten and I had an Aunt who sent me an SMS on my birthday but I think it was supposed to go to someone else because all it said was laptop. Unless it is code for happy birthday then I have no idea what it was about.

My cousin is getting married next year in QLD and has asked me to do the photo's. I am looking forward to it.

I hope I can loose some weight before then. Ruth and I have become weight loss buddies. She has all my measurements and will tell me when I have done well. I don't like going by measurements and weight because I get depressed if nothing happens and then I go out and buy food I am not supposed to. I don't want Ruth to tell me anything until I ask. Other than that I have to be brutally honest about what I had for the day food wise. For the first time ever I told her the what I had the other day and I felt so ashamed. Putting it into words makes you realise how bad it is.


Ruth said...

We can do this! On the dad front, my father hasn't remembered my birthday in years either...

Simone said...

I got my virtual model images here:

Look forward to "hearing" about your success.

Ruth is a great motivator.

Bev said...

Aunt says she is very very very very sorry!!! Laptop was a big mistake that I accidently sent to everyone in my phone book on my mobile,even work people!
Please keep going with the losing weight, you are motivating me with your efforts and I desperately need a motivator!! I am bigger than you are at the moment! and it is not good for my heart,