Saturday, 19 January 2008

Monthly Challenge 1

I finally decided to participate in a monthly challenge. Normally most stores will have a pack made up and it is usually of the papers that don't sell. This store allows you to choose your own paper and colours provided that certain papers and embellishments are used. By the time I chose there really wasn't that much left to choose from so I got stuck with hot pink lace paper and patterned shimmer paper. Neither of which is something that I would normally purchase. This is good because it challenged me so I will continue to do the challenges when I can. As I said it was a real challenge to come up with something that would work. Last night I hadn't put the PRINCESS on yet and I really hated what I saw. When I finished it today I thought it's not that bad. Definitely not a winner and definitely not my style but at lease it matches Tessa's hat!

1 comment:

Ruth said...

Looks great Kerin, you could substitute baby A's picture for Tessa's and it'd work great too.