Saturday, 12 January 2008

New Skill

Well if the multiude of techniques for scrapbooking weren't enough for me to play with I have now tried my hand at making and binding an album cover. I am rather impressed with my first try, even though it is a very tight fit. I will be taking photos tomorrow to post on here.

You may have noticed that I have tried to put a photograph slide show from Flikr on to my blog. For some reason it is only showing four photographs. I know why it is doing this but it will take forever for me to correct it as I have to change a setting on each individual photograph. Oh the joys.

I had a lovely day today. I spent most of it with my friend Mandy whom I have not seen since she got married last year. We went hunting for some new scrapbook stores and found a nice one close by. Each store seems to have something in abundance that the other stores don't have. This means if I want something in particular I may find myself traveling across the suburbs to get it.

My friend had a little boy on Friday. This is her second boy. She just started scrapping last year so I have bought her a few things to go with baby photos. I am hoping to go see her tomorrow though I do have work and other stuff to get done (like tidy up the craft studio because it is in such a mess after this album).

Anyway will put photos on tomorrow if I have the time.

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