Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Middle Aged!!!

Only a few of you may be aware that for the last 8 months I have been hiding out at home because I have been very tired. On Saturdays I would be back in bed asleep only hour after I got up and then again in the afternoon.

Even though I think I have slept solidly through the night I have on many occasions nearly fallen asleep at the wheel of my car while on the way to work. It seemed to be coming from my eyes which would refuse to stay open. You get that sensation of going cross eyed and then you realise that you have had your eyes closed for quite some time. The afternoons are bad if all I am doing is working on the computer. Days when I have training sessions are fine because I am kept busy.

My boss is aware of the situation and he is great about it. I tell you, God could not have given me a better boss (mind you he has his moments).

Anyway to get to the point I had a stay at the sleep clinic in November last year and I went to get the results today. (Mum had to drive me in because I was afraid I would fall asleep). Apparently I wake up on average 11 times an hour. No wonder I feel tired.

So this means in the last 3 months I have managed to fork out way too much money on:
  • a mouth guard to stop me clenching my jaw at night and hopefully prevent my jaw from locking in the day
  • glasses
  • and finally I have to organise a CPAP machine to assist my breathing at night

On top of all that I have had a nasty little rash on my torso for the last 4 months that looks like it could be an allergic reaction to something and therefore have to book a visit with a dermatologist.

I suppose the cherry on the top is what my mother said today: "You are middle aged. You have to expect these things now."

Someone correct me if I am wrong but doesn't middle age start at 40!!!! I still have 5 years to go.

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Ruth said...

You're right, middle aged starts at 40, we've still got a few years to go.

You'll find the mouthguard makes a lot of difference. Jeff sleeps with one every night.