Monday, 7 January 2008

Glasses and finding my way

Well it is official, I have joined the ranks of the many who wear glasses. Apparently the shape of my eye is more like a football than a soccer ball and therefore my eyes have to work harder to put things into focus. Hopefully I will see a decrease in the amount of headaches I get.

On another note I bought myself a Navman. Due to the amount of driving around that I have to do I figured that it is very beneficial (and tax deductible). I could have used it the other day when I went to Booragoon for a movie. I haven't been there for years and ended up on the wrong road and had to double back. When I got on the right road I turned the wrong way and again had to double back. My friend finally phoned me and gave me directions. I finally found the shopping centre but the directions she gave me to the cinemas didn't seem to work. I was close though but luckily a security guard drove by and I was able to ask. She was headed that way already so I followed her. My friend saw me as I came through the carpark with a security car flashing it's lights in front of me and the guard sticking her arm out the window pointing to the cinema underground car park. I actually still managed to drive passed the turn off as I didn't see it and I was also waving at my friend who was laughing at me from the bridge. Luckily no-one was behind me so I could put the car in reverse. Oh the embarrassment.

Anyway the navman will be interesting. I am not sure what maps it uses but I know that some use the maps and I do know for a fact that roads in the city have wrong information. A couple of times I have punched in the address for a business and followed the map only to find that the numbering is two blocks out, and no it is not because I am a woman because even my boss has noticed it.

I do believe that the universe needed to pick someone to bring inconsistencies to light and it chose me. Even with computers I am always the first one to get a problem. In fact people at work actually listen to me when there is an issue with my computer because guaranteed others will soon have the same issue. My boss didn't believe this until he was recently proved wrong. He thought I had accidentally done something and then someone in IT looked into it and went back to him telling him that all the State Trainers will eventually have the same problem as they had been set up incorrectly. See - it's not the user it's the idiot that sets it up in the first place.

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Ruth said...

Hey, welcome to the ranks of glasses wearers :) Have fun picking out frames and show us a photo!!

The navman sounds like a great idea, especially for here.