Thursday, 31 January 2008

Sleep Here I Come

This week has been rather up and down. I have been off work for the last day and a half due to a migraine which had been threatening since last Friday. My boss had to cancel a class this morning for me and I feel really bad about that. I feel equally as bad because I had to literally drive to work to get my CPAP machine fitted in the afternoon. My migraine had subsided to a bad headache but being out in the car threatened to bring it on again. I nearly cancelled but it would have been another 6 weeks before I could get in again. I just want my life back so I took the risk of driving. At least the fitting involved a 25 minute sleep test in the dark whcih was great because that helped me relax and not make the headache any worse. I still felt guilty though. The little devil on my shoulder kept telling me that if I could come in and be fitted for my CPAP then I could have gone to work.

When I arrived home D was here to massage my feet. She does pressure point therapy on your feet which was great because it has helped relax me even more and get rid of the worst of the headache.

As for the diet I am not doing great but I am doing better than what I was, whish is a bonus. In fact it is probably good because I don't want my body to go into too much shock. Obviously the headache has stopped me from exercising (devil likes to throw a spanner in the works every now and then). Coffee wise I had one glass yesterday and 3 today. Which is about a 3rd of what I usually have.

Well time to go and try this machine out and hope I get a good nights sleep and wake up headache free. I have to take two training sessions tomorrow! I am not cancelling them.

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Ruth's Place said...

Hope you sleep well! Work would have made you worse and the CPAP made you better, don't feel bad.

Little steps are good, and as long as each day is a little better than the one before then you are making good progress. Don't beat yourself up.

Congrats on the coffee reduction too, I know how hard that is!