Sunday, 20 January 2008

Wedding Fire

Yesterday my friend "A's" Mum married her school sweetheart (yes after all these years). I was asked if I would do the photos and I jumped at the chance. It was a simple wedding which was really nice. One of the most fun I have been too. "A" and her sister "S" gave the bride away while "A's" son , "B" and her niece "K" were part of the Bridal party. B looked so cute. Below is a photo of the shoes and bow tie that he wore. He has only just turned 2. He also wore a cumber bun to match and had a white shirt and white pants with pin stripes. Unfortunately it was a relatively hot day and he did not want to co-operate for the photos while he was dressed up. I did manage to get one nice one of him though with the bride.

In this next shot one of the Matrons of Honour was on the ground holding the flowers. When I finished taking a couple of photos I looked down and she looked like she was doing the limbo in high heals. It was quite an awkward pose, and a funny one. I didn't take the time to get a photo though as I thought she had been in the position long enough.
Below is A and her niece K. They both looked gorgeous on the day.

Of course at every wedding there is always a little cutie to steal the show. This is G and she knew how to pose for the camera.

Well the day was certainly not without any drama. The wedding and reception was held in the back yard of the bride and groom. One of their neighbours so kindly provided some excitement by setting fire to his blackboys (a native plant to WA). Apparently they have to be burned from time to time however from what people were saying, you have to call in a pro to do it. The Neighbour decided to do it himself and armed with only a garden hose the fire got out of control very quickly. The wind blew the smoke into the backyard where everyone was trying to eat. Eventually a few of us went out to the front of the house to see what the commotion was all about. Below is the resulting picture. One of the Matron's of honour was furious at the idiot who started it. Even though he wasn't to know it was wedding next door there were enough cars and noise to know that something was going on.

Eventually the firemen came and saved the day. K and I stood back and argued over who got first dibs on the ones that weren't wearing a wedding ring.

Men in uniform, hard at work. Very Hot!!

On request, when they had finished they drove the truck around to where the wedding was and posed for some photos with the bride and groom. The Bride even ended up in the cabin.
Here we have G & B together playing in the ice tub for bottles of water. B is washing his face in this one. G kept trying to feed him the ice. He would put it in his mouth, suck on it for a couple of seconds while pulling a face, and then spit it out. This kept them both occupied for quite while. After that they started dancing, or should I say spinning around until they fell over only to stand and do it all over again.

It was a lovely wedding with great company and I am glad that I could have been part of it.

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Ruth said...

Looks like a very exciting wedding! Great photos as always.