Tuesday, 29 January 2008

No more procrastination

Time to stop procrastinating and get on with losing weight. I need to lose 50kg. If anyone knows where I can get one of those weight bars that show your progress that would be great.

Thank you Simone for pointing me in the direction of the virtual me web site. As you will see I have put minnie me on my blog (not so mini really). I think the figure looks better than I do and that is coming from someone who thinks she is smaller than she really is. My bust for example is bigger than my backside and my my arms also come out so that they are slightly bigger than my hips. I am not however complaining about my dream image.

Sam and I had a circuit training session tonight (happens every Tuesday). I have enough exercise equipment to be able to do this. We have decided we will do it every Sunday as well considering her husband is home all day and she doesn't have to wait till he gets home to dash off.

So Tony Ferguson weight loss shakes here I come.

On another note I am getting fitted for my cpap machine on Thursday so I am hoping that I will be a lot more energised after getting a good nights sleep. It will be nice to know exactly what a good nights sleep feels like.

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Anonymous said...

Way to go with the exercise!! Well done. Those virtual model things are cool, and actually look a little like you :)

I'd avoid the shakes and just aim for healthy eating, but we can talk about that later lol