Monday, 4 February 2008


So much for the thunder storms but they were right about the heat and humidity. It got to 47 yesterday and was so humid. Sam and I exercised last night as well. We did it inside rather than out. I think she was hoping I would say it was too hot. :)

Saturday was kinda boring but Sunday was great. I had a stampin up party which was lots of fun. We only made three things rather than the usual 5 but with all the talking going on we would never of had time for 5. I will post photos later once I have taken them.

My current project at the moment is a story book for the mother of G (little girl at the wedding). I have a sequence of about 40 photo's where I just sat and watched her play. The result has become a fairytale with her as the Princess. I am quite pleased with it. I will ask permission from her mother first before I post photo's of it on here because her name is used throughout. Not sure how to block it out.

Well it is Monday morning which means meetings at work all morning. I had better go if I want to beat the traffic.

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Ruth said...

Wow, sorry about your heat, that's dreadful! So glad I don't live there anymore :) Yah for you for exercising anyway!!

Can't wait to see the pictures of the stamping party.

What about putting a small piece of paper over G's name and then taking the pictures?

I'll be around tomorrow so we can IM and work out a solution anyway...