Wednesday, 6 February 2008

In the words of Sid the Sloth ....


My boss is really into health and fitness. He has been sort of supporting me in the background with my attempt at weight loss. For some reason he phoned me up this afternoon and asked if I wanted to go for a jog after work (it would be a fast walk for him and after a 100m a really slow walk while I caught my breath). Fortunately for me I didn't have my exercise clothes with me and I already had a previous appointment. He was very happy to hear that I was interested and eventually after much setting and resetting of dates it was decided that on a certain day next week and the same day each week following we would go for a 45 min "jog." Once it was all finalised and in the Calendar he then told me that the jog would be up and down Jacob's Ladder. There is something like 270 steps zig zagging up the side of a cliff!!!! I am 5 foot tall and each foot weighs 20 kgs. I can barely make it up two flights of stairs at work before my legs turn to jelly.

I just burst out laughing and said "thank God you used to be a nurse because you might be called upon to give me the breath of life at some stage!" I then said that I would therefore walk and not run. I will be happy if I can get up it at least once. I must be insane to try and attempt something like this right now. I woul never have done it when I was 50kg!

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Ruth said...

OMG rather you than me girl, but it'll work wonders for you! I'm doing the slug up and down the hills each day pushing the pram on the way to work. I figure I'm going to have a killer but by the end of the semester. I deliberately mispelt but so that you don't get creepy google hits :)