Friday, 29 February 2008

First Months Wheight Results

Though I have only lost 1/2 a kg I am definitely doing the happy dance. I have lost 5 cm, 3 of which came from my thigh. Actually I suppose when you think about it I actually have two thighs so really that is another 3 cm so over all it is around 8cm in total. Now I am really happy!!!

I have the exercise worked out all I need to do is get better at the diet. I still have a coffee everyday but I have cut back big time on it. I am also drinking a lot more water which is great. I had over 3 litres yesterday. (It was hot).

It is a long weekend this weekend and I am helping one of my best friends to start her diet. I am really excited. She is going to start it on Monday though. We have a small work reunion tomorrow at Sizzlers so I think she wants to enjoy herself a little first.

It's late so I will sign off now.

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Ruth said...

Doing the happy dance right along with you!