Monday, 4 February 2008

I WON!!!

Wonders will never cease. I walked into my local scrapbook store this afternoon to spend $100 that I had for free. Being a new month I decided to buy the next kit for the monthly challenge. To cut a long story short I had bought a lot of little individual things which needed to be counted out so the shop closed and I was still selecting. The lady then had to count them all. I had to use the full $100 in one go but I was around $25 short so she assisted me in finding other things. I kept apologising for keeping her here because by now she would have left (it was 20 minutes after the store closed). Anyway I then asked for my monthly challenge picture from last month. She pulled out the entries and I noticed mine wasn't there. She asked if I had seen the winning one and if it was mine. It was right at the front door and I had missed it. She couldn't believe I had been in the store all that time and not notice that I was the winner. The prize is $50 of free stuff, which she requested I get on another day because she really wanted to go home. :) You can see a picture of the winning page in monthly Challenge 1. .

As for the Aunt who sent me a laptop message for my birthday, you are the best Aunt and I hope that my struggles with my weight will help you with yours. Our medical history is so similar to each other that if I can do it then you can do it. We'll encourage each other. We want to look nice for the family reunion at the wedding in Jan.

I have lost 1kg. I could say that after exercising yesterday in the heat and sweating profusly that it was all fluid but I am not going to say that at all. It was me and all my hard work (not - still struggling with the iced coffee issue).

As for my other creations you will have to wait until the end of the week for photographs as I will be out for most of the week.

By the way the heat is still here and we are getting lightning so now I have the humidity to look forward to. Global warming is so not in fashion any more. Time for a nippy era.


Robynne said...

Well done Kerin - that's great!

Ruth said...

Wooohooo!! Congratulations, both on the scrapping win and the weight loss, of course it's not fluid :)

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Off to update my spread sheet! I think weekly will be the way to go...