Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Great Scrapbooking Ebay Store and Exercise

I can't hide this place for any longer. If you like a good bargin for your scrapbooking then you must visit Entahlly on ebay. They cater for international buyers as well as Australians and have a great range of scrapbooking flowers (plus motor parts and other items). I get all my leaves and flowers from here now. For example the frangipani's are almost half the price on the site than in a store and that is with postage included. As for delivery they are very fast. I paid for an order yesterday and received notification last night that it had been posted. I will stop now and you can go look for yourself.

On another note, Sam came over Sunday evening and instead of circuit we did Hip Hop Abs. It is done by an American Guy and we had so much fun doing it. My back was killing me later though which is good because I need to build strength in my lower back. Sam was supposed to come over tonight but she has a cold and I had stuff I had to get done. Unfortunately my stuff never got done because my Stampin' Up arrived and now I have to put it all together. Back onto the exercise topic and I am doing Jacobs Ladder tomorrow. My next blog will be after I leave hospital!!


Ruth said...

Good luck with Jacobs ladder!

Ruth said...

Ha, just had a look at that ebay seller. Great stuff, but what an odd combination of things to sell - perhaps a husband and wife team, with the husband being the scrapbooker of course!